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Journal Papers
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Accommodating uncertainty in soil erosion risk assessment: Integration of Bayesian belief networks and MPSIAC model March 2024
Predicting the occurrence and decline of Astragalus verus Olivier under climate change scenarios in Central Iran February 2023
Grazing capacity determination in short-term and long-term scales using MODIS and Sentinel-2 data in the southern rangelands of Zagros, Iran August 2023
Investigating the Effect of Moisture, Salinity, and the Soil’s Clay Content on the Germination and Growth of Hedysarum criniferum Boiss under Natural Habitat and Greenhouse Conditions. September 2022
Predicting habitat suitability of sand cat (Felis margarita) using Bayesian network approach September 2022
Mapping terrestrial ecosystem health in drylands: comparison of field-based information with remotely sensed data at watershed level. May 2022
Predicting habitat suitability for the endangered species Hedysarum criniferum Boiss. using a fuzzy model in the semi-arid zone in Iran April 2022
Soil quality indicators along a degradation gradient in central Iran: comparison of two regions with contrasting grazing systems January 2022
Evaluating structure and function of desert landscapes using Landscape Function Analysis and remote sensing indices April 2022
Identifying the determinant habitat characteristics influencing the spatial distribution of Ferula ovina (Boiss.) in semiarid rangelands of Iran using machine learning methods January 2021
Effects of Different Vegetation Patches on Soil Functionality in the Central Iranian Arid Zone February 2021
Grazing gradient detection and assessment in arid rangelands of central Iran using remote sensing and soil-vegetation characteristics February 2021
Interactions between vegetation dynamic and edaphic factors in the Great Salt Desert of central Iran Winter 2021
Investigating geographical shifts of Astragalus Verus under climate change scenarios using random-forest modeling (case Study: Isfahan and Chaharmahal Va Bakhtiari provinces) Winter 2021
Identifying the determinant habitat characteristics influencing the spatial distribution of Ferula ovina (Boiss.) in semiarid rangelands of Iran using machine learning methods January 2021
Spatial scale effect of Sentinel-2, Landsat OLI, and MODIS imagery in the assessment of landscape condition of Zagros mountains May 2021
Grazing gradient detection and assessment in arid rangelands of central Iran using remote sensing and soil-vegetation characteristics February 2021
A geographic information system-based land use impact model to map areas with risk for land degradation: Wind erosion as an example January 2020
Evaluating the Performance of PERSIANN and PERSIANN-CDR Satellite Products in Precipitation Estimation in Semi-Arid Region of Zagros Winter 2020
Effects of land-use/cover change on soil hydraulic properties and pore characteristics in a semi-arid region of central Iran March 2020
Effects of drought on plant parameters of different rangeland types in Khansar region, Iran. February 2019
Application of a Bayesian belief network model for assessing the risk of wind erosion: A test with data from wind tunnel experiments December 2019
Estimation of spatial and temporal changes in net primary production based on Carnegie Ames Stanford Approach (CASA) model in semi-arid rangelands of Semirom County, Iran. August 2019
Assessing the impacts of land use and land cover changes on soil functions using landscape function analysis and soil quality indicators in semi-arid natural ecosystems June 2019
Morphophysiological changes of wild Stachys multicaulis species under physical conditions during the cultivation process July 2019
Investigation of rangeland indicator species using parametric and non-parametric methods in hilly landscapes of central Iran June 2019
Evaluating the potential of Bayesian networks for desertification assessment in arid areas of Iran February 2019
Mapping and monitoring of the structure and function of rangeland ecosystems in central Zagros, Iran. October 2018
Modeling potential habitat of Astragalus verus Olivier for conservation decisions: A comparison of three correlative models May 2018
MaxEnt modeling for predicting suitable habitats and identifying the effects of climate change on a threatened species, Daphne mucronata, in central Iran. January 2018
Mapping and monitoring of the structure and function of rangeland ecosystems in central Zagros, Iran November 2018
Soil surface quality in rangeland ecosystems with different protection levels, central Iran December 2018
Soil aggregate stability and organic matter as affected by land-use change in central Iran April 2017
Assessing the performance of remotely sensed landscap function indices in semi-arid rangelands of Iran May 2017
Discriminating and monitoring rangeland condition classes with MODIS NDVI and EVI indices in Iranian arid and semi-arid lands September 2016
Risk of fire occurrence in arid and semi-arid ecosystems of Iran: an investigation using Bayesian belief networks September 2016
The effects of pollinators and seed predators (Bruchidius koenigi Schilsky) on the breeding biology of Hedysarum criniferum Boiss. January 2016
Assessing translocation success of the endangered Persian fallow deer using a Bayesian Belief Network October 2015
The effects of fire on density, diversity and richness of soil seed bank in Semi-arid rangelands of Central Zagros region, Iran, Journal of Biodiversity and Environment May 2015
. Effects of smoke, ash and heat shock on seed germination of seven species from Central Zagros rangelands in the semi-arid region of Iran January 2015
Influence of southern oscillation on autumn rainfall in Iran (1951-2011). Theoretical and Applied Climatology March 2015
A predictive diagnostic model for wild sheep (Ovis orientalis) habitat suitability in Iran February 2013
Evaluating a proposed quantitative method to record plants phenological stages in comparison with other approaches for Olive species (Olea europaea L.) September 2012
Analysing the functionality of rangeland landscapes using remote sensing data (case study: Soh region, Isfahan-Iran) June 2012
Using Bayesian modeling in wildlife conservation and management, case study: Evaluating Persian fallow deer habitat suitability June 2012
Effects of sampling sizes on the correlation between vegetation cover and NDVI data in different rangeland conditions using TM and AWiFS images September 2012
Comparing soil aggregate stability at different grazing intensities (case study: Bardasiab rangeland, Fereidounshahr) April 2012
Investigation of the relationship between Southern Oscillation Index, Pacific and Indian sea surface temperature versus monthly and seasonal rainfall in Iran September 2012
Surveying the recreational priorities in Gavkhooni region through Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) April 2012
Evaluation of LFA method for determination of soil stability and organic matter content in Steppe & Semi-Steppe rangelands in Isfahan province, Rangeland January 2012
Analysing different groups of remote sensing vegetation indices for studying rangeland vegetation types (case study: Semirom- Isfahan) January 2011
Study of spatial pattern of plants using point pattern analysis, spatial and quadrate indices (rangeland of Fereidan in Isfahan province) November 2011
Developing decision support tools for rangeland management by combining state and transition models and Bayesian belief networks June 2009
. Assessment of vegetation covers and yield variation in rangelands of Qum province ( 2000 – 2005) January 2007
Identification and ecological investigation of aromatic plants in Qom province June 2005
Investigation of provenance properties and some chemical components of Ferula gumosa Boiss. In Qom province June 2005
Autecology of three range plants species: Artemisia sieberi, Stipa hohenackeriana, and Ferula gumosa in Qom province June 2004
ارزیابی ساختار و عملکرد چشماندازهای بیابانی با استفاده از تحلیل عملکرد چشمانداز و شاخصهای سنجش از دوری April 1401
رزیابی ساختار و عملکرد چشماندازهای بیابانی با استفاده از تحلیل عملکرد چشم انداز و شاخصهای سنجش از دوری April 1401
ارزیابی ساختار و عملکرد چشم اندازهای بیابانی با استفاده از تحلیل عملکرد چشم انداز و شاخصهای سنجش از دوری April 1401
بررسی اثرات چرای دام اهلی و حیات وحش بر شاخص‌های تنوع گونه‌ای در منطقه استپی سرد استان اصفهان Spring 1399
كاربرد شبكه هاي باور بيزين در تعيين پتانسيل مناطق و عوامل موثر بر بيابانزايي براساس برخي شاخص هاي كيفيت خاك (مطالعه موردي: دشت سگزي اصفهان) Summer 1396
ارزیابی اثرات تغییر اقلیم بر پراکنش گونۀ در معرض خطر انقراض کرفس کوهی با استفاده از مدل افزایشی تعمیم یافته Summer 1396
پيامدهاي اقتصادي تغيير كاربري مراتع به ديمزار از جنبه كاركردهاي حفظ آب و خاك Summer 1396
برآورد و ارزيابي فرسايش بادي با بكارگيري شبكه باور بيزي (BBNs) در دشت سگزي اصفهان Spring 1396
ارزیابی مدل IRIFR برای شبیه سازی هدررفت خاک در رخساره های گوناگون فرسایش بادی به کمک داده های دستگاه سنجش فرسایش بادی Spring 1396
وضعیت سلامت مرتع در اکوسیستم‌های تحت چرای دام‌های اهلی و علفخواران وحشی (مطالعه موردی: مراتع استپی پارک ملی قمیشلو - اصفهان Winter 1396
يجاد يك سيستم پشتيبان تصميم گيري براي ارزيابي و مديريت مراتع (مطالعه موردي مراتع نيمه استپي فريدن- اصفهان Spring 1395
تعيين و مقايسه عناصر معدني دو گونه مرتعي Hedysarum criniferum Boiss و Astragalus cyclophyllon Beck در مراحل مختلف فنولوژي در مراتع چادگان استان اصفهان Summer 1395
ارزيابي صفات جوانه زني اسپرس همداني(Hedysarum criniferum Boiss) در شرايط دماي تناوبي و خشكي Spring 1395
تاثیر استخراج معادن رس و گچ بر وضعيت پوشش گياهي و خاك اكوسيستم مناطق خشك (مطالعه موردي دشت سگزي اصفهان) Spring 1395
Conference Papers
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Monitoring land use changes of protected area of Choghakhor using satellite data May 2013
Evaluating some diversity indices in salty habitats of Ghom May 2012
Monitoring the changes in vegetation cover and production of Semi-Steppic rangelands in Qom province (2000-2007) May 2012
Evaluation of directional leakness index to assess the functionality of Planted Haloxylon spp area in Varzaneh- Isfahan May 2012
Evaluating the impacts of dam construction on environment May 2012
Air pollution and the following impacts on human health February 2012
Abundance estimation and habitat suitability modeling of Houbara Bustard (Chlamydotis macqueenii) in central Iran November 2012
Introducing point pattern analysis to study plant spatial patterns in semi-steppe rangelands of Fereidan- Isfahan May 2012
Application of plants with phytoremedation effects in desert restoration project June 2012
Using habitat modelling approach to determine the effects of climate change on geographical distribution of plant species May 2012
Performance analysis of rangeland landscapes by using remote sensing data May 2012
Analysing the effects of precipitation time on vegetation cover changes using satellite images (case study: southern part of Isfahan) May 2012
Application of some new irrigation methods in biological desert combating projects June 2012
Effects of drought stress on germination characteristics of Amygdalus scoparia June 2012
Evaluating Landsat satellite images to study rangeland and forest cover May 2012
Analysing relationship between sampling area of field and satellite data, Presented in May 2012
Detrmining Ferula ovina Olivier potential habitat using Ecological Niche Factor Analysis. Presented in May 2012
Evaluating the correlation of Landsat satellite data and land surface components (Case study: Southern Zagros) May 2012
Scrutiny on the ability of Chrysopogon zizanioides in phyto-remediation of heavy metals and urban and industrial wastewaters May 2012
Monitoring change vegetation cover using satellite image and Standard Drouth Index (SPI) February 2012
Geo-statistic approach to model potential habitats of plant species September 2012
Evaluating the cover changes of vegetation in response to precipitation using seattleite data May 2012
Biosafety and green technology June 2011
Mapping and monitoring of vegetation in Semi-Steppeic rangeland using remote sensing data May 2011
A review on phytoremedation techniques, focusing on its application in range management May 2011
The effects of water harvesting on the functionality of Soh & Mimeh in Isfahan May 2011
Develop an ecotourism management plan in Gavkhooni region using Bayesian Belief Networks December 2011
Analysing the functionality of rangeland landscapes using field based methods and remote sensing data May 2011
Using a Bayesian Belief Networks to assess plant species sensitivity to climate changes May 2010
Evaluation of captive breeding Persian fallow deer in Dasht- e_Naz over half century September 2010
An evaluation of grazing exclusion on soil function indices in some rangeland: Fereidonshar- Isfahan May 2010
The effects of grazing exclusion on soil surface function indices in Soh rangeland – Isfahan October 2010
An approach towards the monitoring of desertificatme soil indices July 2009
Conservation status of Persian fallow deer. Evaluating reintroducing programs May 2009
Using a Bayesian Belief Network approach to assess land condition in native pastures, south-east Queensland, Australia September 2006
A decision support tool for rangelands using Bayesian Belief Networks in an adaptive management cycle December 2005
Making a decision support tool for rangeland management by implementing a state and transition model within a Bayesian Belief Network December 2005
Identification of aromatic plants and evaluation of their ecological properties in Qom proviance May 2005
Status and potential of Ghom medicinal plants in a glance May 2002
An autoecology study of Artemisia sieberi in Ghom Rangeland ecosystems May 2002
A survey of forage qualitative and quantitative balance and sheep nutrient requirements in some range with different condition June 2001
Study of Ghom medicinal plants Fall 2001
An approach to evaluate forage quality and range plant palatability April 2001
Quantitative and qualitative study of Qom green land in order to find the best strategy Spring 1998
Books Chapter
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Making a Predictive Diagnostic Model for Rangeland Management by Implementing a State and Transition Model Within a Bayesian Belief Network (Case Study: Ghom- Iran), Bayesian Networks Summer 2012
Accommodating uncertainty in grazing land condition assessment using Bayesian Belief Networks In: Bayeian Network Spring 2010

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